Erica Goebel – artist

I have a magpie-like attraction to bright, colorful, decorated objects, but an orderly mind. 

I work in many layers of acrylic media, starting with a repeating fabric design at the base and adding elements both rigid and planned (geometric stencil repeats) and loose and unplanned (drips, washes, crackled layers). My painting practice is fundamentally an exploration of surface through pattern, color, and texture.

Among the many elements I bring together in a piece, I often use designs borrowed from vintage wallpaper. With these patterns, I induce a sense of sentimentality for things we may see every day without noticing, but which feel like “home”. Many of these patterns are considered “feminine”, associated with the decorative sphere, and thus disregarded, in the same way that women’s work has often been historically overlooked. I aim to elevate these, to lend them importance.