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We’re a small, intimate, enthusiastic house. A proud house.

It sounds funny, but this gallery was destined to be. I have all sorts of art in my little home.  Lucky for me, some of the artists represented here, are on my walls. I love it. There is a story behind every piece. The destiny bit comes from all the ‘found art’  that comes my way!  I can be walking down a street, and there, leaning against a tree, is a cute little painting that someone has left there. I’ve picked things up from in front of dumpsters, stores, sidewalks, empty apartments or even from one homeless man who was selling little heart shaped paintings for $5. I’ve come to believe that the whole world wants to give me art.  I know it sounds silly, but it’s nice to believe that, right?

Some of the artists in Kemsley Galleries are old, dear friends that I have always wanted to promote and help. Some are new friends that I found just for this website. Others are old friends that I didn’t even know were artists! Now we are all moving forward together. I’m so proud that these wonderful artists have entrusted me to represent them well, and I’m proud of what we have put together. Aren’t they great?

If you have any questions about the art, ordering, shipping or anything at all, send me an email. Or do it the old-fashioned way and give me a call. I can talk to you about any one of these pieces.




Victoria Kemsley
Victoria Kemsley

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